Directional Diffusers

Ceiling Multi-Pattern Diffuser

The CMP-A series are louver-faced ceiling diffusers featuring extruded aluminium construction and a removable core. Available in a range of sizes and air distribution patterns that will suit numerous and varied requirements, the CMP-A series is a light-weight alternative to the well-established CMP-S louver-faced diffuser, an industry staple for many years.
A drop frame option can be used on any standard-type ceiling installation, while the drop mounting frame lowers the face of the diffuser below the ceiling line where obstacles such as beams, lighting, fixtures, etc.must be avoided to minimise down draughts. This diffuser can be supplied in any size from 13 to 100 mm and comes with a frame drop of 40 mm unless otherwise specified. Special order only.
The bevelled drop frame is ideal for all surface mounting applications and the smartly styled, bevelled-type drop border serves to enhance the diffuser mounting while providing maximum ceiling protection. Special order only.
  • All aluminium construction.
  • Precision mitred corners.
  • Selection of frame styles.
  • Variety of throw patterns.
  • Snap-in interchangeable cores.
  • Tough powder coat finish.
  • Lightweight Premi-Aire™ and galvanised cushion head boxes available.