Directional Diffusers

Eyelash Diffuser

The Holyoake EL diffuser presents a clean, functional and strong appearance, along with economy and high performance.
So versatile is this series that it can often be used throughout an entire installation. Featuring a wide selection of sizes and deflection patterns, they are an excellent choice for high sidewall, low sidewall and ceiling applications. Adjustable louvers and optional dampers add flexibility in operation, and special sizes and designs can also be furnished.
  • Extruded aluminium louvers are individually adjustable from the face of the diffuser.
  • Three different fixing arrangements are available: surface mounting in wall or ceiling openings, and plain or panel fixing in suspended ceiling T-Rails.
  • A duct mounted option is also available, coded as TLC-EL.
  • Available with the Removable Core (RC) frame system to enable ease of access to the diffuser and duct for cleaning and maintenance purposes.
  • Rear optional Opposed Blade Damper (OBD) for airflow control screwdriver operated from face of diffuser.
  • One piece construction is used in sizes up to 900mm x 900mm.
Accessory Manuals