Eco Diffusers

Environmental Ceiling Outlet – Automatic

The ECO Automatic is a circular ceiling diffuser capable of automatically altering a portion of the supply airflow, from a horizontal to a vertical throw, depending on the supply air temperature. Suited for both domestic and commercial situations, the appearance of the ECO Automatic is enhanced by the addition of a perforated front face. If the damper is set to automatic mode, the perforated face enables some air to be directed downwards when heating, while a portion of the air continues to be directed horizontally. This spreading of the warm air ensures fast mixing and even temperature distribution across the height of the room.
  • A very strong radial ceiling effect is maintained at varying flow rates, making it suitable for variable air volume systems.
  • The ECO Automatic has the same performance as the ECO Manual while in cooling mode.
  • In heating mode, throwing a portion of the heated air vertically provides a considerably faster heat up period and greatly reduces the temperature gradient across the height of the room.
  • Energy efficient operation achieved due to the thermal spring.
  • Constructed from a tough UV stabilised and fire rated engineering polymer.