High Volume Diffusers

High Capacity Barrel Diffuser

The Holyoake BHC diffuser is a high capacity barrel diffuser that has been developed to provide a solution when large open areas are to be conditioned. Applications include large retail outlets, gymnasiums, conference centres, factories, or any large space requiring high capacity and long throw diffusion. The BHC diffuser has the ability to direct conditioned air to where it is needed.

  • Individually adjustable blades allow the throw direction and spread of the supply jet to be altered.
  • The rotating barrel allows the direction of the supply to be altered vertically. This function can be motorised to provide more efficient heating and cooling functions, as the jet can be directed downwards when the system is in heating mode.
  • Motorised or thermal option for vertical throw operation.
  • Available in three different airflow heights:
    • 120mm
    • 160mm
    • 240mm