Linear Slot Diffusers

Perimeter Slot Diffuser

A unique new product from Holyoake is the Perimeter Slot Diffuser (PSD). The PSD creates a stunning negative detail around the perimeter of the room while providing unobtrusive draughtless air distribution over a wide range of airflows.

  • Available in white or black with LED options (can be retrofitted).
  • Standard universal pattern control is aluminium and can be adjusted to give full 90° control of air pattern.
  • For use with diffuser adaptor PSDA/I, plenum supply, or linear duct.
  • Specially designed clip on supply adaptor with foam seal requires no fixings.
  • Straightforward installation with no plastering required.
  • Accepts 10mm or 13mm plasterboard via punch down tabs.
  • Snap out tabs on rear of diffuser for active airflow section.
  • Available in single piece lengths up to 5.8 metres, but can be joined to adjacent lengths to provide a seamless, continuous detail.
  • Mitred corners available to create continuous negative detail around room perimeter.