Perforated Diffusers

Perforated Supply Diffuser

The Holyoake model CPS perforated supply diffuser is designed for heating, cooling, and ventilating ceiling applications.
The CPS comprises of a perforated face plate mounted in a removable core frame, which blends suitably into many ceiling types. Concealed, adjustable pattern controllers on the rear, provide efficient airflow distribution and can be easily adjusted, by simply removing the fascia, unlocking and repositioning. Then any desired distribution pattern can be obtained without any change in airflow, or noise levels. This simplifies ordering procedures and eliminates the need to rebalance the system. Model CPR diffusers are identical, without patterns.

  • Aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Fully adjustable concealed pattern controllers.
  • Infinite range of distribution patterns.
  • Compact assembly height and removable core frame.
  • Plaster ceiling and ‘T’ Rail installation options.
  • Minimal ceiling plenum height is required (dependant on connecting spigot style).
  • Circular or square inlets in a range of sizes.