Perforated Diffusers

Perforated Supply Diffuser – Secure

The Holyoake CPSS diffuser has been designed to provide a medium- to high-level of security. The CPSS construction features a heavy gauge perforated plate, framed by a heavy section aluminium surround. The perforated diffusion plate is locked in place by solid heavy aluminium spacers.
The CPSS can be used as a ceiling or wall mounted supply diffuser, or as a return if required.
The small perforation size and heavy gauge material make it ideal for use in locations where security and safety is a requirement.
  • Highly secure, heavy duty construction.
  • Secure diffuser fixing by 3mm thick aluminium spacers.
  • 2mm or 3mm thick perforated steel diffusion plate.
  • Mitred and welded corners.
  • 2mm or 3mm diameter holes for 30% or 40% free area respectively.
  • 4mm thick aluminium surround.