Swirl Diffusers

Ceiling Radial Swirl Diffuser

The Holyoake CRS range of radial swirl diffusers have been designed to provide high-quality indoor air diffusion.
The CRS has radial deflection blades that produce a circular airflow pattern with a very strong ceiling effect. This diffuser is ideal for VAV applications, because the ceiling effect is maintained for minimal through to very high flowrates. The CRS is able to achieve high room air diffusion quality due to the strong induction swirl pattern it produces. Strong induction draws room air up into the supply air flow path, which results in mixing at high levels, reducing draughts and uneven temperature gradients.
Ideal for large rooms, call centres, and waiting rooms.
  • Strong ceiling effect.
  • Radial diffusion pattern.
  • High induction swirl.
  • Easy lay-in installation.
  • Attractive appearance.
  • The CRS is available with a perforated face plate, as model CRSP, to provide a less open appearance.