Fire Protection

Fire Seal Curtain Fire Damper

Holyoake IBD-FS fire seal curtain-type fire- and leakage-rated dampers are designed to maintain the fire resistance integrity of a wall where a hole is used to permit an air distribution system to function by enabling the passage of air, ducted or otherwise, while minimising the impedance of fire and/or smoke and other toxic gasses.
The arrangement of interlocking galvanised steel blades and stainless steel side seals, mounted in a galvanised steel guide channel frame, reduces space requirements and makes installation in ductwork easy.
  • Tested to AS 1530.4:2014 achieving a four hour fire rating.
  • Passed leakage integrity rates based on ISO 10294-1 ‘E’ Classification.
  • Single sections available up to 1200mm (wide) x 1200mm (high).
  • Multiple sections available up to 3600mm (wide) x 2400 (high) in a 3×2 configuration.
  • Multiple ducted connections are available in a multiple section damper configuration.
  • Installation permitted in both the horizontal and vertical plane (specify when ordering).
  • Airflow and fire rated from either direction when installed in a wall.
  • Electro thermal resettable links are available for remote triggering.
  • A range of duct connection styles are available.
  • Available in stainless steel as an option.