Noise Control

Axial Fan Silencers

Axial fan silencers are designed to provide noise attenuation at the source, as well as improve aerodynamic performance at the fan inlet and discharge. The AFS provides maximum static regain and a uniform velocity profile to improve system efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

AFS silencers are custom built for close coupling to axial fans and are available for both the fan inlet and discharge for maximum sound attenuation.
  • Aerodynamic internal structure provides maximum static regain.
  • Structural integrity ensures performance velocities up to 6,000 FPM.
  • Center pod sized to match fan hub. 
  • Custom construction for superior sound performance.
  • Ideal for high velocity applications.
  • Fire rated.
  • Available in 22, 18 and 16 gauge.
  • Optional features include paint, fiberglass cloth, flanges, transitions, mounting feet and plastic covered ends for shipping.