Noise Control

Rectangular Silencers

Rectangular Elbow Silencers are designed to provide a solution to undesirable noise in short runs of ductwork, with the additional benefit of improved mid frequency insertion loss, provided by the 90° bend. 

The rectangular elbow silencer is intended for silencing noise in ductwork in applications with limited space, where straight lengths of ductwork are not available. The simple design, relatively low cost, high sound attenuation, and low pressure drop make the ERM a reliable and cost-effective choice. With a wide range of design options ERM silencers can be integrated into any HVAC system with ease.

  • Perforated metal liner.
  • Solid metal casing.
  • Optimized internal geometry.
  • Superior sound performance.
  • Fire rated.
  • Available in 22, 18,16, and 10 gauge. 
  • Optional features include extended casing, media protection, fiberglass cloth, flanges and transitions.