Noise Control

Circular Silencer Packless

Designed to provide solutions for noise control applications where fibrous acoustic material is not permitted in the air stream, packless circular silencers feature optimally tuned resonator chambers to provide high levels of insertion loss.

Packless circular silencers are an ideal solution for undesirable noise in applications with round duct, where fibrous acoustic media is not permitted. Typical applications include wash-down and high-pollutant areas including food processing plants, laboratory fume hood systems, hospitals, clean rooms, and kitchen exhausts.

  • Optimized baffle/splitter spacing.
  • No acoustic media.
  • Round slip connector eliminated the need for transitions.
  • Optimized sound performance.
  • Available geometric construction options include maximum insertions loss (L), balanced performance (M), and ultra-low pressure drop (H).
  • Available in 22, 18, 16, and 10 gauge.
  • Accessories available include flanges, access doors, and drainage plugs.