Noise Control

Rectangular Sounds Transmission Class

Price R-STC Silencers provide noise reduction performance meeting STC 40, 45, 50, and 55 ratings as required. An STC rating is a single number value indicating the sound isolation properties of a building element (wall, slab, etc.). STC Ratings are often specified for wall construction between adjacent acoustically sensitive rooms, such as interrogation rooms or conference rooms. The STC rating of the R-STC silencers has been determined based on insertion loss performance obtained in strict accordance with ASTM E477 and rated according to ASTM 413.

Price R-STC Silencers are designed for medium-low velocity applications (1000 fpm or less). This configuration provides high insertion loss levels across the full range of frequencies using a sloped tail that provides static regain to reduce pressure drop.

  • Designed to provide STC40, 45, 50, and 55 ratings.
  • Double wall construction for high transmission loss.
  • Welded construction with mechanical fasteners as needed.
  • 2″ slip connection on both ends.