Noise Control

Return Air Canopy

Lightweight and easy to install, this innovative product provides an economical solution for return air noise and improved speech privacy. Positioned directly above return grilles, the RAC prevents the transfer of occupant noise into the plenum above and prevents mechanical noise in the plenum from flanking through return grilles, or open vents, into the occupied space below.

The RAC provides a low cost solution for improving speech privacy between adjoining spaces while allowing for maximum airflow through the return grille. The most common applications for acoustical ceiling tile return air plenums are in office and retail spaces. 
  • Integral seismic support points.
  • Engineered performance.
  • Reduced plenum visibility.
  • Design flexibility.
  • Easy installation.
  • Fire rated.
  • Fiberglass and fiber-free foam acoustic media available.
  • Available in black powder coat finish.