Noise Control

Return Air Silencer

The compact design of the Return Air Silencer (RAS) provides an innovative solution for reducing plenum noise entering occupied spaces through return air openings and mechanical equipment noise transmission through transfer grilles.

The RAS provides an effective, engineered solution to mechanical and air transfer noise. The slim design of the RAS ensures seamless integration with standard transfer grilles and is ideal for return systems that use ceiling or wall space as the return plenum, such as mechanical equipment rooms, conference rooms, and private offices.
  • Fits standard ceiling grids and openings.
  • Slim design to fit in narrow spaces.
  • Multiple grille options.
  • Superior sound performance.
  • Design flexibility.
  • Standard, low pressure and film lined configurations.
  • Fiberglass and fiber-free foam options.
  • Accessories include grilles and extended sleeve for inclusion with grilles.