Noise Control

Cross Talk Silencers

Cross Talk silencers allow air transfer between adjacent areas while providing the necessary attenuation to maintain the sound transmission class (STC) rating of the partition. The Cross Talk silencers come lined with acoustic media and provide excellent noise reduction, while the design minimizes pressure drop and generated noise.

Cross Talk Silencers are designed to maintain sound transmission ratings in low velocity (below 750 fpm) applications where air is transferred between adjoining spaces. The acoustic media provides excellent attenuation of speech and unwanted noise while permitting fresh air to circulate continuously. Available for a variety of applications including walls, ceilings, and doors.

  • Quality construction.
  • Fire rated.
  • Design flexibility.
  • L-shaped, U-shaped, and Z-shaped configurations.
  • Fiberglass, fiber-free foam, and aluminum foil lined acoustic media options.
  • Accessories include flanges and grilles.