Outside Louvers

Horizontal Closable Louver – Straight Profile Blade

The OHL-124 horizontal louvers are available in a closable option. With similar performance and appearance to the base model, the OHCL-124 model offers the ability to close by means of concealed damper blades, pivoted on the underside of each fixed blade, and gang operated by either manual or motorised means. They are ideally suited for use in high wind and stormy conditions. While open, they provide minimum air flow resistance with low droplet penetration under normal weather conditions.
  • High performance louver.
  • Motorised or manual operation.
  • Straight blade profile.
  • Low resistance louver.
  • Obstructed line of sight.
  • Low resistance louver.
  • Single stop blade.
  • The OHL-124 is available in three surround options:
    • Flangeless channel surround
    • 25mm flange cover
    • 40mm flange cover