Outside Louvers

Louver Door Series

The Holyoake Louver Door System has been designed to incorporate all of the features that you could think of in an architectural door and still be compatible with the entire Holyoake range of outside louvers.
The Louver Door System is robustly constructed in extruded aluminium box section to provide the strength required to hang a large louver door. All of the on site fixings are designed to be concealed once the door has been installed. The doors are hung with high quality stainless steel hinges that have been selected to take the load of a large door.

  • The outer frame of the door system can be supplied in either flanged or channel form. If the frame is supplied in channel form, a sealant cavity is left to allow for a flush mounted installation.
  • The inside edge of the door frame has an edge to trim to. This edge also gives the option of fitting timber reveals. If the door is installed in a thinner wall this edge has been designed to be easily removed.
  • The louver doors are constructed with a rigid square frame to fix the hinges and the lock set to. The doors come standard with a high quality lock set.
  • The front of the door has a seal on the closing face to eliminate door rattle. This also gives the door a positive closure feeling.
  • The hinged posts of the doors have a security lip on the inside edge. This lip is there to prevent the doors being lifted out even if the hinge pins are removed.