Outside Louvers

Vertical Weather Louver

The Holyoake OVL-99 system offers a striking vertical louver alternative that can be used in place of the more conventional horizontal configurations. The ability of the system to be fabricated in panel or knockdown formats creates limitless architectural possibilities while also providing an effective and functional louver system.
Based on proven Holyoake louver technology, the louver blade features two water stops on its profile and minimises any water carry over by overlapping the blades.

  • Maximum performance louver.
  • Straight “V” blade profile.
  • Vertical sight proof profile.
  • Obstructed line of sight.
  • Dual weather stop blade.
  • The OVL-99 is available in three surround options:
    • Flangeless channel surround
    • 25mm flange cover
    • 40mm flange cover