Linear slot Diffuser

Ceiling Slot Diffuser

Extruded aluminium continuous or discrete length linear slot diffusers to suit modern interiors, while providing unobtrusive draftless air distribution over widely ranging airflows.
Particularly suited to variable volume applications and ideal for perimeter supply in major commercial buildings. Supply and return air configurations are identical in construction except for omission of pattern controls.

  • Available in one to eight slots with three slot widths.
  • Standard universal pattern control is aluminium, black anodised for best visual effect and can be adjusted to give full 180° control of air pattern, with volume control to shut off.
  • CSD-MF mounting frame available for ease of installation and high standard finish.
  • CSD-T Thermally operated slot diffuser provides an energy efficient thermal control option to change the airflow pattern.
  • For use with diffuser adapter CSDA/I, plenum supply, or linear duct.
  • Alignment strips and four end types to suit discrete or continuous lengths.
  • Available in single piece lengths up to 2.9 metres.
  • CSDA/I boots have been designed to optimise the slot diffusers performance.