Linear Slot Diffusers

Ceiling Wash Diffuser

The CWD Ceiling Wash Diffuser is an aesthetically designed flat-faced ceiling mounted slot diffuser.
Intended for use in modern building interiors, its low profile face plate can be easily incorporated into the latest ceiling materials, providing unobtrusive air distribution over an extensive area.
Particularly suitable for variable air volume applications and where airflow with greater projection and spread is required.
  • Unique, unobtrusive, low-profile design.
  • Lightweight extruded aluminium construction.
  • Dual adjustable, black anodised, flat, air control pattern blades.
  • Single or bi-directional airflow patterns.
  • Significantly narrower width than conventional 2 slot linear diffusers.
  • For use with diffuser adapter CSDA/I, plenum supply, or linear duct.